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who are we?


In the totally normal uneventful year of 2020, one creative kid with a passion for art and music decided to take a chance. Bruce waved goodbye to his 9 to 5 and set out on an adventure to create something of his own.


With Bruce's experience in photography and a tenacity to learn new things, Oh Canada Creative was born. A unique agency focused on combining visual and sound to bring stories to life, helping people build a bigger platform.


With a special focus on small Canadian business, we put our hearts and souls into each project, ensuring quality work that represents your brand authentically. And that's our story - we hope you'll join us on this exciting journey.

Our mission

We believe that creativity has the power to inspire, engage and bring people together. Our mission is to create unique, captivating content that reflects a brand or artists authenticity and resonates with viewers.

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"Had the privilege of working with them on a music video for my band. Absolute professionals with an incredible eye for detail and high quality. They literally are capable of doing it all, so I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking to work with a team that is going to CRUSH your project. Well worth it!"

- Max Farber, Dreamsoda

Hey, i'm Bruce

It all started with a curiosity that seemed too crazy to pursue on a full-time basis: could I make a living out of something I loved just as a hobby?


After years of feeling stuck in a trades job that wasn't fulfilling my creative needs, I made the leap and went from a side hobby to my full time creative endeavor as a videographer.


Creating video and photo content was my passion, and the satisfaction of creating something that brings joy to others was all the motivation I needed. I felt incredibly lucky to be able to bring my skills to the forefront and help small business owners reach a larger audience. With each project I took on, I met the most incredible people who shared the same passion and drive for their own businesses. We worked tirelessly together in order to create content that was creative and unique and opened up their platforms.


I'm thankful for the opportunity to use my skills to help create something bigger than myself and to bring joy to those around me. And I'm even more thankful for the hard work and passion of the artists I'm lucky enough to work with. They are a constant reminder that with a lot of dedication, anything is possible.

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"Have worked with Oh Canada Creative myself and they're phenomenal. Great workers, great people, great communication. They want to make you look as good as possible while still fulfilling your creative vision."

- Alex Southey, Singer/Songwriter

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A Peek Behind the Scenes

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